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If you seriously take stock, a lot..!

And, if you are stubborn enough to not make it work, then, nothing?

The takeaways could be gladdening or saddening, depending on what you consider the right content marketing strategy.

Let us look at the “nothing” first.

Most big brands have those SEO consultants or have outsourced their SEO efforts to third party companies. They can hire and engage the best and have done so. They are paying big monies month on month and are eagerly waiting for more leads and conversions to shore up the already existing business. Well, they are quite on the right track.

The problem, as I can see is with these SEO consultants and the third party SEO companies. Let us call them SEO guys. There is no doubt that these SEO guys are putting their best foot forward and are doing justice effort-wise to what they are being paid. But are the results worthwhile, are the big brands getting the expected results from them? Ask any of them, the answer is “NO”.

Any thoughts on why this is so?

The SEO guys are highly experienced but have not evolved with the search engine trends. They are actually following the same five year old blueprint and have not really made changes to that strategy. They have only tweaked it a little to customize it to the client.Even if they have made changes, they have not the right ones.

The old-book SEO guys are still making money following practices that don’t work anymore. They dig into the niche, write absolutely good content and publish it. Push in keywords, underline them, hyperlink them and so on. The client is happy with the content being published by the timetable and is not complaining. The results – None to speak of, or very little of what was expected. Long term, business loses and the ROI is found lacking.

What do they lack? Insight

What do they need? Attitudinal thinking

However good the product or service is, that a brand markets; lack of the above two aspects in their content marketing strategy will get them nowhere in terms of online marketing.

So, the content marketing strategy is not top-notch.

Mostly this happens because we see a content marketing strategy somewhere on the web and imbibe it ourselves with little or no thought.

We will come to what works..!

Now, let us look at “a lot”.

Brands that are deriving a lot from their content marketing efforts are obviously doing it right or have outsourced the efforts to the right companies. Or, they are doing it themselves.

How are they getting awesome results?
Insight: An insight into what your prospective customer actually needs. This is the need of the day and your content needs to be directed in that manner. Deeply researched articles and engineering manuals or chemical analysis of fragrances will not get you customers. How that fragrance will smell on a person will get you customers. How the fragrance can attract others will get you customers. So, fine tuning the content with insights into prospect psyche will get results. Analysis and data on this aspect is very important to engage. How many brands or SEO companies do this?

Attitudinal thinking: Whatever a brand sells, the product or service should have an attitude. A very good product or service does not reach customers since it lacks the marketing sting. Identifying the USP and including it in the content marketing strategy is a necessity. Content is just not rewriting stuff on a given topic, it is a thought process that is quite unique and is the domain of a seasoned marketer. Alas, today most marketers are not good writers and most writers have not seen marketing.

And yes, if your content is spot-on, you will not need to stuff it with keywords, underline, hyperlink or put them in bold. These are secondary attributes. Bring marketing to SEO, not just technology.

In short, your content marketing strategy will bring results when your content speaks to the prospect and not only to the search engines.

SEO guys can help your content speak to search engines, you are the one who can make it speak to the customer. Building a bridge here is the secret to building a workable and effective content marketing strategy. If you are reading this right from the beginning, you can understand what I mean.

Evolving a customized content marketing strategy is not as easy as it seems. Collecting data from customers and analyzing it is one part. Building a strategy to address what is needed is quite another.

Content writing is not an intellectual quality as perceived by most writers or SEO guys. It is making a bold statement and lending the product a sell-able attitude.

Do feel free to comment and discuss.

And, if you need some help on content creation, marketing or strategy, we are here to help.


  1. Muneesh Taneja

    This article basically undermines the importance of SEO for any business and stresses on the importance of content to attract prospects and turn them into customers. Thereby saying that technical improvement is important but marketers need to pay more heed to the content aspect.

    • Absolutely, Google always said “Content is King” and most marketers took the quantity path to impress Google. Impressing visitors is critical to bottom-lines, once that is done, Google will follow automatically.

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