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No, I will not call this post – 5 steps to better SEO in 2015.


You will understand once you finish reading this.

Let us get on…!

With due respect every SEO professional across the globe, I have a question to ask.

Which way is SEO headed in 2015?

As far as I understand, the concept of SEO is nearing death and probably we will do without the entire practice after a year or so.

When I did the last post – Which way is content marketing headed in 2015: The top 8 trends and challenges, I was still thinking in lines of content marketing and standard SEO, however a lot of factors have made me sit up and see light since then.

Let us look at a possible SEO marketing or changes that we can or rather, should undertake in this year.

Google Updates:

Google announcing its mobile search update sounds a warning bell to me, especially in the backdrop that Penguin and Panda have been nascent for over 6 months. Is this Google Mobile Search update a prelude to some underlying tremors that could be felt?

I have been through a few established websites and a Google Dance is evident in almost all of them. Is the index being updated? If yes, is it for the mobile search update or for bigger things to come.

Either way, optimize for the mobile immediately, or get penalized. In a way Google’s research shows that 80% adults in the developed world carry smart phones and they have extended the time spent on them by about 20% over the last two years. So, there is justification. And, yes, I heard this is coming down on us on the 21st of April 2015.

And, yes, do remember to rebuild your sitemaps once the mobile compatibility is up and tested. While doing that, you may as well clean up the website for any non-existing pages and apply redirects where needed, to ensure clean delivery. Hanging pages are not good for both, desktop or mobile from a search engine point of view.

Better still, once you optimize for the mobile, get those apps you have been thinking of made and optimized. The rewards will be amazing, with what Google proposes to do with them. Certainly, the best way to go forward, from the marketing point of view.

By the way, the latest news is that Yahoo and Bing have also enhanced their search algorithms. If you value their rankings, time to check in a couple of days.

User Intent:

Focus your keywords more for user intent and less for search engines. After latent semantics, Google has actually brought down the emphasis on standard keyword searches and thus user intent becomes the sole goal.

If you are still writing those SEO articles and content with keyword placement and density and stuff like that, it is time to stop. Write what the user like to see and read, capture his attention and you have the search in your pocket.

Yes, that kind of content costs money but, you can replace the sweatshop with one or two good and intuitive content chaps and you have your budget back on track. Focus is the game of the day. Research with as many research tools, they are all bots and will not give you any user intent based keywords. You are the master of your niche, talk to your existing customers and they will tell you what they want to see.

In short, the world wants to see variety in your keywords and content. Give them what they want to see and you are made.

Social media:

Ignoring social media could be suicidal. Though no-follow, yet effective to build a vibrant community in support of your brand and vice-versa. Keep a regular timetable for the social media posts and monitor your Facebook likes and Twitter re-tweets.

Possible, you may have ignore Google+ for its effectiveness. Keep it in the loop, as it is Google’s child and will always get a preferential treatment.

Keep it simple:

The secret to better conversion is the UX (User Experience) that your site is capable of providing. Keep the UX simple and uncomplicated. Aesthetics are very important in any UX and simpler navigation ensures better crawl from search engines as well as simplicity for users.

Getting into complication will complicate your marketing practice too ending up in higher costs. Necessity undoubtedly is the mother of invention, however, invention need not be cutting edge like a Mach 3 aircraft, it could be simple Fokker. Simplicity is the mantra for your UX and navigation.

Take the PR path:

SEO is turning more into a brand building exercise rather than ranking well on search engines. Ranking well on search engines will not make you a brand, but branding yourself will make sure that you rank high on the search engines. How to do this is something I can help with. Do get in touch.

Wrapping it up:

This is what I am going to do for my SEO this year.

  1. Make my website mobile friendly.
  2. Get the apps developed.
  3. Clean up my website.
  4. Get some user intent based content instead of the fluff.
  5. Get some more aggression on the social media scene.
  6. Give due respect to Google +
  7. Ask my developers to come up with better UX.
  8. Simplify my navigation structure.
  9. Look to build a brand.
  10. Get some traction and go the press release way to get visitor confidence.

Let us get some discussion going on this and enlighten ourselves.

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