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Content marketing will bring more benefits than any other SEO tool

Recently I saw a quote from Ann Hadley of Marketing Profs, she says “Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” Absolutely, I agree with her completely.

Pursuing what we discussed a while ago … SEO in 2015, let us go a step ahead and discuss what the content should be in 2015.

# Long Content:

From what we are seeing and a lot of research, it seems that search engines love content that tell the story well and mind you, in longer terms.

I have seen that pages in the same niche rank better if they have more content. How much is big and how much is small is a matter of research within the niche. The point here is to rank better than your competition. So, how long is the best ranking content in the competition… get the picture?

Check the competitor’s page and find out how much content they have on the page that ranks for a particular keyword. You can use the tool at SEO Review Tools for the purpose. Once found, you can concentrate on building better and longer content.

# Add Value:

Long of course, is the mantra, but not too long wherein the value of content gets diluted. Think in terms of, how the content will add value to the readers. If the content is blah… blah… the conversion rates will drop very quickly.

The link above adds value to me and to every content marketer. So, this kind of value addition through knowledge sharing, tool sharing and pooling resources ensures that all of us marketing guys are on the same plane. And, the reader gets value reading this.

So, think about win-win situations and don’t get into calculations like DA/PA/PR… They are not worth your time and you have no control over them, then why bother?

# Keywords:

Don’t even think in terms of keywords, the search engines do not want you to. Think in terms of the niche and the message you get across. In fact, I do the same and to my surprise, I find that the keywords and latent semantics get into the text automatically. The moment you begin to think of keywords, your content and its value will go for a toss.

Build pure organic, knowledge based content bottom-up and you need not worry about keywords or key phrases or rankings. They will be integrated automatically and once the search engines see it as relevant, you are made.

# Links:

Link building has always been important in the online marketing scenario. However, I was just looking at analytics of a website (secret) that actually had 0 links and still ranked very well for the keywords it was fighting for. Moral of the story – don’t build links, let people ask you for a link and you will be better off. Link building does not work in the long run. My thinking is that the entire process will be obsolete very soon.

If you see above, I have a link to SEO Review Tools, they have not asked me to give them a link. I gave it for your benefit and the tool itself is awesome.

So, if you take the reverse perspective, SEO Review Tools is getting a link from here because they offer value.

In short, go completely organic, communicate regularly with your customers as you should, using due-diligence and your efforts will pay off.

Despite the long content and other aspects that we discussed above, I would like to keep my post short and crisp. There are two reasons for this.

a.        I understand the time value of my readers and would like to tell them things in shorter spurts.

b.       My busy schedule implementing content marketing strategies for my clients, does not allow me to spend too much time on knowledge sharing.

I know that if I am adding value to you as a reader, which is the purpose of this post, no search engine would penalize me for long or short content. Honesty pays, don’t look too much into ranking factors unless you intend to game the system. I never did and I am doing fine :).

So, what do you think ?